5 Things That Are Easy to Forget When Throwing a Baby Shower

When it comes to throwing the perfect baby shower, it all comes down to the little details that are easy to overlook and might not seem necessary in the beginning. However, these little details are what set apart a truly epic baby shower from just the run of the mill party. So before you start working on your meet the baby invitation templates, here are five little things that you might forget that help things run just a little smoother.

baby shower invitation tips

1. Don’t forget the TP!

This might seem like a little thing but can make for a very uncomfortable situation for the person stuck in the bathroom that is in a real need of toilet paper. So make a conscious note to have extra rolls in order to avoid any awkward moments.

2. Where Is the Garbage?

The last thing you need is your guests having to roam around the house in the hunt for a place to put their trash. Making garbage cans plentiful and easily accessible not only helps your guests but ensures you don’t have to trash sitting in every corner of your house.

3. Do You Want Photos?

You will want photographic evidence of how amazing your shower was for future generations, but many times who will be taking the photos gets overlooked. So plan ahead, instead of trying to beg friends and family to send you any photos they may have taken.

4. Is It Hot in Here?

The temperature may be something you may not think about when planning, but when you start stuffing 30-50 people in the same small room, things can become uncomfortably warm really quickly. Think about how you can address that if it becomes a problem; if you need to bring in fans or if you might be able to open the door to cool things down.

5. Where Is the Party?

Sure, you can put the address of the party on your girl sip and see invitations, but that is only half the battle. Is there a gate code? Should your guests use a side entrance, etc.? Adding the little details like where to park and how to enter, might seem like something that doesn’t matter, but, it will alleviate a lot of headaches for you and your guests in the long run.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of the little things that get overlooked while planning a baby shower. We hope these lists help you take your party from nearly perfect to something that your friends and family will be talking about in the future.