What to Wear During Pregnancy: Maternity Wear for Comfort and Style

With the changing shape and proportions of the body, it is time to change the wardrobe for special maternity wear for a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, the clothes should be selected not just keeping style in mind, but it should be comfortable to wear, especially around the abdomen and breasts.

The Changing Styles

Gone are the days when women hid their bump. Now they prefer wearing clothes that proudly declare their special status. Wearing appropriate clothes that suit the mother-to-be is important, because being pregnant is no reason for the special woman to feel shabby in unsuitable clothes.

The style market has finally realized the potential of maternity wear and has come up with regular house wear, work wear, formal dresses and causal dresses especially for pregnant woman. There are exclusive shops that sell only maternity wear, which includes jeans, tops, and other dresses created to enhance the beauty of the changing anatomy of pregnant women.

Tips for Buying


The first trimester of pregnancy does not require any special maternity wear, as the changes in appearance are almost negligible during this period. During the initial stages, the women can just manage with just one size bigger regular clothes.

The first signs of the woman needing special maternity care is felt when the breasts become sore and swollen during the second trimester. Do not buy too many bras at once, as the sizes changes often during the pregnancy and ill fitting braziers can add to the woes of the pregnant women.

Pregnancy and motherhood are the most precious periods in woman’s life. If she wants to indulge in dresses or food, there is nothing that is going to stop her. Unfortunately pregnancy is a short lived period and the time during pregnancy is also changing with every passing month.

  • The size and shape is not permanent, therefore it is not wise to spend a fortune on the maternity wardrobe.
  • There are some excellent second hand maternity wear available in the market, which is a good and pocket friendly option
  • Borrow clothes from friends and relatives who have recently had babies
  • Buy bras that fully cover, support and keep the breasts comfortable
  • Never buy clothes that have elastic bands tightly gripping the abdomen
  • Keep in mind that pregnancy is not just the bump in abdomen but also increase in size of waist, hips and thighs
  • Buy easy stretchable clothing that would be good to use during the nursing period
  • Pregnancy is the good time to put your creativity in creating dresses to use by making some of your own style statements
  • If you have grown fond of any maternity wear, either trim it for regular use or stock it up for next pregnancy

Maternity Style in Different Cultures

Special clothing for pregnant women is not always sought after by everyone, as some women in eastern culture who wear loose fitting garments can wear them throughout their pregnancy period. The Indian sari is one of the dresses that can be worn until child birth. In country like China, where second pregnancy is taboo, women do not wish to show off their pregnancy; and hence their wear regular clothes that would hide their growing abdomen.

Some developed nations have come up with anti-radiation maternity clothing to protect the child from harmful radiations in our environment.