Pregnancy Care Tips to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

Once the announcement of pregnancy is made, the couples are bombarded with pregnancy tips from every corner. The mom to be needs to discount the fiction and know the facts to ensure safety of herself and her baby during pregnancy. Among the thousands of do’s and don’ts, there are few priorities that she cannot ignore, because of the dire consequences that can follow.

It is also important for the mom-to-be to relax and de-stress herself for healthy growth of the baby. A few carefully picked tips can help her enjoy her pregnancy, while at the same time keeping her and the baby healthy.


1. Be emotionally prepared

Being emotionally prepared for parenting ensures the news of pregnancy to be a pleasant surprise rather than a shock. It is also necessary to discuss with an obstetrician about the family history, health issues and complications that may arise due to them during pregnancy so that proper precautions can be taken in advance.

2. Choose a good medical practitioner

If the pregnancy test done at home is positive, the next step is to find a medical practitioner who can be trusted to provide guidance to ensure healthy journey of both the mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy. The doctor will provide the mom to be with proper nutritional supplements and dietary plans, and keep check on the health. He/she will be conducting various tests at appropriate time to ensure there are no abnormalities.

3. Involve dad

The pregnancy creates a special bond between the mom and the baby, which at times will make the dad feel left out. Involving the dad in pregnancy is not only helpful to the mother, but also ensures happy bonding of the dad and the baby after childbirth. Take the dad to checkups, allow him to clear his doubts, voice his opinions and let him talk to the baby especially after the 20 weeks when the baby can hear his voice.

4. Keep check on what goes inside

Pregnancy is the right time to start on healthy lifestyle and keep watch on what the mother consumes, if she had procrastinated all this while. Medications, alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy food can have hazardous effects on the fetus which will last for the lifetime.

5. Take nutritious diet

The food the mother eats is the sole source of nutrition for the unborn baby. Hence, it is important for the mother to follow a healthy diet. Nutrition rich foods that contain enough amount of iron, folic acid, proteins, calcium, B6 and B12 are included in a smart diet. Drinking plenty of water is important too.

6. Avoid becoming lazy and immobile

It is healthy for a mom to be to get moderate exercise during pregnancy to not only maintain good figure but also to get proper sleep and improve the posture. Walking, swimming and moderate form of aerobics and yoga are known to benefit both the mother and child during pregnancy.

7. Avoid going overboard

The adage ‘Too much is too bad’ goes well with what a pregnant woman does. Everything is acceptable in a moderate way, like exercising, resting, eating, working or shopping. It is true that this is an over exciting time for the mother, but she has to learn to check herself time to time.

8. Do not ignore self

As the motherly instinct kicks in, most of the women forget to take proper care of self. This is the time to get some pampering and love; so don’t miss out on the queenly treatment.