Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Once the woman discovers she is pregnant, the excitement is followed by the question – how is she going to share the wonderful news to make it memorable forever. After finding a creative way to announce the good news to the daddy, the couple can plan on further exciting and creative ways to give the news to family and friends.

Pregnancy is not going to happen every now and then for the couple, so it is important to savor the moment to the fullest and make it a memorable experience for both, mom and dad. No matter what you do, the idea needs to be creative, funny and should have a great element of surprise if it is to make an impact.


Announcing to Daddy

Though the announcement to the world can wait until you are into second or third month of pregnancy, the daddy has every right to know the news immediately. Here are some great ideas to break the news to the dad:

1. Create a beautiful card announcing – you are tied up forever in your new project called parenting.

2. Arrange a surprise and grand candle dinner with a banner saying You are Promoted. When he asks, tell him he has been promoted to the position of daddy.

3. Write in bold letters on the bathroom mirror: You are going to be a daddy. He will be shocked out of sleep when he looks at it early in the morning.

4. Reveal the news to him when watching a movie with a scene where the daddy holds the baby for the first time.

5. Ask him who he loves the most. When he says ‘you’, ask him – how would the poor baby in the tummy feel knowing this?

6. Order a cake with words, ‘We are going to be Mommy and Daddy’ and call him to celebrate to his surprise, or better ask him to collect a cake for you.

7. Start throwing hints about cravings, heaviness, morning sickness so that he can guess and finally land on the answer to his great excitement.

8. Write on your tummy – handle with care, baby inside. And let him see it.

Announcing to Family and Friends

The announcement to family can wait for sometime as approximately 20-30 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Miscarriages can be very tough on the parents, add to this the sympathy, advice, questions and disappointment of the whole family which will only make their situation worse.

Once you feel it is time for you to shout from the rooftop about the good news, then you should start thinking how to make this memorable for everyone.

1. Throw a party for family and friends and make the announcement; it will just multiply the joy, surprise, excitement and fun.

2. Call all their friends and family for group photo. The photographer, when he has to say “Say Cheese” instead says “______ is Pregnant” and captures the shocked expression of everyone.

3. Put miniature baby dolls in the drink being served, so that when the family says I have a baby in my drink, you can proudly say we are going to have one in our lives soon.