Some of the Most Common Myths About Pregnancy

Most of the fears, uncertainties, worries and concerns the parents go through during pregnancy are based on longstanding myths making round through grapevine about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. For the baby’s healthy growth, it is important to debunk the irrelevant myths and de-stress both the parents for a healthy environment at home; where both, the mom-to-be and the baby can relax.

For Moms

The famous good old wives tales find their way to the pregnant woman, at times misleading her into making wrong choices. It is very important to separate the facts from fictional myths for a healthy progress of pregnancy and childbirth.


Myth 1

The baby’s hair is responsible for heartburn.

Fact: The baby or his hair has nothing to do with heartburn; it is caused by improper diet and position of baby.

Myth 2

Female fetus has faster heart beats than male fetus.

Fact: Medical research has proved that there is slight difference in heart rate but it cannot be differentiated easily.

Myth 3

A pregnant woman should eat for two people.

Fact: A pregnant woman needs just 300 extra calories. Weight gain is not good, either during or after pregnancy. It is important to eat smartly rather than eat more.

Myth 4

Sex should be avoided during pregnancy.

Fact: It depends on the condition of the pregnant mother whether sex is safe or not. In most pregnancies, sex is not harmful.

Myth 5

Eclipse will cause defects in baby like cleft palate.

Fact: It is a genetic disorder which has nothing to do with eclipse.

Myth 6

Love and bonding with the baby happens at first sight.

Fact: This may not happen in the case of every parent. There is no need to worry if the mother feels that the baby is an ugly sight to withhold, and does not find herself captivated by the baby. The love and bonding will happen gradually which is normal.

For Dads

The father is no more just a prop in the nine months drama of pregnancy. Modern men want to get involved and be there with their partner in every step of the arduous journey. What is stopping them are those myths about fatherhood they have heard through unreliable sources, but nevertheless it has left a residue of fear and worry behind in their minds.

Myth 1

There is no need for the dad to know about pregnancy, miscarriage, labor, childbirth or parenting.

Fact: The baby belongs to the father as much as it belongs to the mother. It is important for the dad to know what is best for his wife and his baby, so that he can be there for them to support and guide whenever needed. He also has every right to voice his concern.

Myth 2

Fatherhood is going to interfere in his professional performance.

Fact: Parenting will make a dad more responsible towards his job, with proper time management skills.

Myth 3

After pregnancy and childbirth, the sex life of the couple will take a dip.

Fact: It is true that sex will have to wait for sometime immediately after childbirth as the woman will have to recover from the trauma her body has gone through. After that, it all depends upon the attitude and love the couple have for each other for sex to happen. There are no records that suggest childless couple have more active sex life than the ones with children.

Myth 4

Men cannot take care of newborn babies.

Fact: Men cannot breastfeed the baby, but can actively take part in other activities like bottle feeding, changing the nappies, bathing, holding, rocking and bonding through the all important skin contact.