Add Fun and Excitement to Your Gender Reveal Party With Fizz Tablets

People are curious to know whether it’s a boy or a girl. When you finally get to know the gender of your baby, you may want to reveal it to your family and friends by throwing a gender reveal party. Expecting parents often choose a fun theme like pregnancy cravings, holiday themes, etc. for their reveal party. The theme is usually reflected in the decoration but you may also ask the guests to come in a certain specific type of attire.


Gender reveal parties are a fun and exciting way to announce the gender of your soon-to-be-born child. They are becoming quite a trend nowadays since they allow you to celebrate an important milestone in your life. Instead of simply texting your loved ones something like “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl,” hosting a gender reveal party offers a good opportunity to enjoy the company of your friends and family just before you get too busy with the responsibilities of your cute, little, new family member.

However grand party you organize, making a plain announcement of your baby’s gender without any element of fun or creativity may make the whole celebration look dull and boring. That’s the reason parents often look for creative gender reveal ideas to make the occasion even more exciting and memorable.

Gender Reveal Fizz Tablets

A gender reveal idea need not necessarily be costly in order to be exciting. Something as simple as gender reveal tablets can add fun and excitement to your celebration. You can buy these tablets from amazon for as little as $16.

At the time of gender announcement, get a glass of warm water and drop a tablet into it. As your guests wait in anticipation, the tablet will announce the answer with a burst of color. If it’s a girl, use the tablet that turns the water pink and if it’s a boy, one that turns it blue. However, note that these heart-shaped fizz tablets are not meant for human consumption. Hence, you should dispose of the colored water after the event is over.

Other creative gender reveal ideas include pink/blue confetti filled balloon, onesie cookies with pink/blue candies, cake pops with pink/blue icing, and scratch off card, among others.