When you are 8 weeks pregnant, you may be offered your first sonogram (though many doctors may recommend it earlier or later as well) which can be really exciting for the mother to be. That first sight and sound of the baby can be a very moving experience and many mothers will tell you that it caused them to tear up!

When eight weeks pregnant, most women don’t have to worry about maternity clothing just yet, but it is possible that you’re more comfortable in less restrictive and looser clothing.

Changes in the baby

Most of the baby’s body systems are in place by the eighth week of pregnancy, though they are just starting to develop, and maturation is still a great distance away.

  • If you have an ultrasound, you will be able to make out that tiny little speck; that is your baby, and will also be able to tell if you’re expecting twins!
  • The heart is beating regularly now and your doctor may be able to have you hear that sound with the help of the Doppler.
  • The baby is starting to make some movements though you won’t be able to feel them for many weeks yet.

Changes in the mom to be

By the 8th week of pregnancy you have probably got used to the idea of pregnancy and may have come to terms with some of your anxieties though you may still have at least some doubts. You will continue to notice changes in your body all the time.

  • The breasts seem larger and more sensitive and the nipples appear to have become darker and larger as well.
  • You may notice some increased vaginal discharge. Any unusual discharge, bloody or foul smelling discharge should be reported to the doctor promptly.
  • You may feel some amount of stretching or cramping in the abdomen as your uterus stretches and grows to make room for the baby.

Tips for the 8th week

During your antenatal visit, your doctor will have told you about any vaccines that you may be required to take during pregnancy. Also supplements other than your folic acid such as calcium, iron and a multivitamin will be prescribed.

  • If you are an older mother, have had a previous miscarriage or stillbirth or have a high risk pregnancy for any other reason, be sure to ask your doctor about the precautions you should be taking at this stage of pregnancy.
  • There is no need to refrain from sexual intercourse, but many women don’t feel like it in the first months of pregnancy. If so, try to explain your feeling and emotions to your partner so that there are no feelings of rejection or hurt.