At 5 weeks pregnant you are probably starting to actually feel pregnant, and may have some of the first telltale signs of being pregnant. In this time, if you haven’t already confirmed your pregnancy, then you will do it during this week 5 and should visit the doctor for a checkup as well.

It is now that the first symptoms of pregnancy will start to manifest, which can make it an exciting and also a difficult time for expectant moms.

Changes in the baby

When you are five weeks pregnant, a lot of vital development and growth is going on with the baby. The embryo will have implanted in the uterus and the rudiments of the placenta are now probably in place.

  • Baby is still tiny right now, barely discernable.
  • The neural tube (which will become the brain) and spinal cord of the baby are forming right now; a process that is vitally important for baby’s future wellbeing.

Changes in the mom to be

The fifth week of pregnancy will bring about quite a few changes and pregnancy symptoms:

  • Nausea, vomiting or morning sickness is a very common symptom that a majority of pregnant women have, to a lesser or larger extent.
  • Breast tenderness, or changes in the nipples are other changes that typically take place.
  • Feeling tired and sleepy at odd times is also common during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Some women may be put off by sex at this time.
  • Having aversions to certain foods and/or smells is also common.
  • Then there are likely to be some mood swings as well, where you veer between elation (at being pregnant) and terror (wondering how you will ever cope). You are likely to have apprehensions not only about the pregnancy and the process of childbirth, but also about your own ability to be a parent.

Tips for the 5th week

In this the 5th week of pregnancy you may think about when you’re going to tell your family, co-workers and friends about the good news. Like a lot of other mothers to be, you may want to wait until you’ve finished your first trimester, until your pregnancy is well established.

  • Meanwhile steer clear of exposure to chemicals at work and at home.
  • Don’t handle cat litter to avoid potential exposure to toxoplasmosis.
  • Avoid handling raw meat and make sure everything you eat is fresh, uncontaminated and free from listeria risk.