Now is a good time to get your hospital bag ready – you will soon be in the last month of your pregnancy and you should be prepared. If you have a family history of going to labor early or if you’re carrying twins, there is all the more reason to be prepared now.

You should have your finances in order by now. Make sure that you have provisions for hospital expenses and if, god forbid, there are any complications! You should also gather together important numbers – to call a taxi, to call your doctor, partner, friend and so on. Also keep all of your medical records organized and handy.

Changes in the baby

It’s getting really cramped in there for baby and he’s probably as eager as you are to get him out of there! Others can probably see baby’s acrobatics from across the room now, as your stomach undulates.

  • Baby is now about 5 lbs in weight and 17.5 inches in length.
  • Important developments are still ongoing in baby’s brain but the head bones are still soft so that baby’s head can pass easily though the birth canal.

Changes in the mom to be

If you’re feeling uneasy about what’s to come, keep in touch with your doctor, midwife or doula. They will reassure you that what you’re going through is perfectly normal. They will help allay your fears and offer suggestions for relieving any particular discomforts you have.

  • If you leak a little when you laugh, cough or sneeze, don’t worry, that’s because of all the pressure that your bladder is under. If you’ve been doing your Kegels, continue the good work or start right away.
  • You may also be feeling a wee bit fed up, wishing that baby would hurry up already!

Tips for the 35th Week

Here is what you should include in your hospital bag:

  • Include new born clothing, diapers, swaddling clothes, receiving blanket, caps and booties for the baby. Also pack baby toiletries – wipes, soap, shampoo, talc if required.
  • For yourself you should have some comfy clothing that opens in the front, slippers, and anything else you may need to be comfortable. You will also need toiletries and sanitary towels (if they are not provided by the hospital). Don’t forget to carry some music, books and your smartphone to play games or share pictures. Also carry one smart outfit to go home in, and some makeup.
  • Take all your medical records including prenatal records, prescriptions, sonogram reports and any other medical history that is relevant.
  • And don’t forget to include your birth plan as well.