You’re probably feeling apprehensive and anticipative in equal parts right now. You’ve probably heard horror stories about difficult labors and pregnancy complications; you might be wondering how you will fare. But you are also probably longing to hold your own little bundle of joy in your arms and are really excited about this!

Try to keep in mind that for an overwhelming majority of births, there are no complications. For every woman who tells you a horror story about labor and delivery, you will find two more who will tell you it was smooth sailing for them. So try not to stress about what’s to come. Concentrate on relaxing, looking after yourself and being as healthy as you can.

Changes in the baby

Baby’s central nervous system is functional now, and her immune system is developing to help her resist infections.

  • Baby has eyebrows and lashes now and is practicing blinking her eyes.
  • The fine downy hair that covered baby is beginning to go now.
  • The sticky protective substance on the surface of baby’s skin called vernix is thickening now and you will be able to see and feel it when your baby arrives.

Changes in the mom to be

Apart from the discomfort of having a huge belly and the aches and pains of later pregnancy, you may have some of these other symptoms too:

  • Many pregnant women experience vision alterations. Vision may seem blurred, or one could become more nearsighted or more farsighted. This is because the pregnancy hormones could change the shape of the lens.
  • Flatulence, constipation and hemorrhoids may be other problems to contend with.

Tips for the 34th Week

Research has shown that the length and severity of labor is linked to maternal anxiety and stress levels. So try and keep relaxed and reduce stress in your life.

  • Learn relaxation techniques such as visualization and breathing. Practice meditation. Enjoy a massage with your spouse. All of this will not only help you relax and de-stress right now, but will also help during labor and delivery and may help in pain management.
  • If you have carpal tunnel symptoms such as pain and numbness in the fingers and hands, perform stretches to alleviate the symptoms. Also consider wearing a splint. And don’t worry, things will normalize after the arrival of the baby.