Utilize this time constructively before baby arrives. You can put the final touches to the nursery and make sure that you have everything you will need once the little one arrives, so that you don’t have to rush about doing this after baby’s arrival.

This may be a good time to have a pedicure or get a haircut and generally look after some grooming issues. Or you could utilize the time reading that book or watch that movie you’ve been meaning to. Remember, you may have little for this after the arrival of the baby.

Changes in the baby

Your baby is now about 16 inches long and weighs between 3 and 3.5 lbs. He now has his arms and legs folded up, and has assumed the ‘fetal position’ – very likely in the head down, birthing position.

  • The bones are hardening now and baby is getting stronger in preparation for birth. However baby’s bones will still be soft and pliable to enable him to get though the birth canal.
  •  The hair on the head, nails, eyebrows, eyelashes are all in place by now.

Changes in the mom to be

If you’re feeling some contractions now, don’t worry – that is probably not the baby just yet. You can tell apart Braxton Hicks (practice) contractions from labor – practice contractions are irregular, follow no particular pattern and are much weaker than real labor. Later they may become painful, but at this time they are probably painless.

  • Baby is keeping you up at nights now, with an uppercut here and an elbow jab there. You may be able to see specific body parts protruding through your stomach now!
  • You could be feeling down and generally out of sorts. While this could be quite normal, if you feel sad and tearful and unhappy persistently over a longer duration, don’t ignore it.

Tips for the 32nd Week

Pregnancy blues or prenatal depression is something you shouldn’t ignore. This could negatively impact your baby as well as your own health; so get help if those feelings of sadness and hopelessness don’t go away.

  • Drink plenty of water. The baby needs it to practice breathing with the amniotic fluid.
  • Continue to eat healthy and take gentle exercise to the extent you’re comfortable.
  • Go for regular prenatal checkups which will be more frequent than before by now. The doctor will check that you’re not gaining too much weight, that your blood pressure and sugar are normal and that your baby is growing as he should be.