You have already traversed 3/4th of your pregnancy and there are just 9 more weeks to go at the end of the 31st week of your pregnancy. You have learned to deal with several of your pregnancy discomforts by now, but there is more to come – you will get bigger still; so be prepared.

The last trimester of pregnancy brings about many of the problems of early pregnancy, though for different reasons. Various aches and pains, breathlessness, tiredness and frequent urination will all become regular problems now during the final weeks of your journey to motherhood.

Changes in the baby

Your baby will be gaining a significant amount of weight each remaining week of the pregnancy and it will be getting more and more cramped for baby in there.

  • Though most of the organs are now mature, the lungs still have some developing to do before they can start functioning on their own.
  • The brain is developing and the baby can hear, feel and see quite well now. She may move away when prodded through the abdominal wall, may jump at loud noises and will be able to see light and dark.
  • Baby may sleep for longer durations in the womb now, and you may be able to clearly define baby’s periods of rest and wakefulness.

Changes in the mom to be

Women can feel huge and unwieldy and clumsy during the later stages of pregnancy; if you feel the same you’re in good company. You may long to see your toes and wear your favorite jeans again. Take solace from the fact that it won’t be long now.

  • Shortness of breath is probably a significant problem now. As the uterus takes up more and more space inside, your organs are crowded; particularly the lungs which have less space to expand to their fullest extent. This is what causes you to feel breathless while engaging in any kind of activity.
  • Backache is a problem now as the belly grows larger and puts greater stress on the back.
  • Many women experience what is known as baby brain, forgetting things, losing your train of thought and generally feeling out of sorts.

Tips for the 31st Week

Use the final weeks of your pregnancy to bond with your baby. Here is how you can go about it:

  • Frequently speak with your baby – describe things, tell her how your day went, and so on.
  • Stroke your stomach, speak soothingly and lovingly to her. Sing or read to her. When she emerges she may already have a favorite fairy story or song!