In the second month of pregnancy (5-8 weeks), there are various bodily changes taking place in the mother and the baby though it is not visible to the naked eye. At the beginning of the month, the embryo is just a blob sticking to the uterine wall and being nourished by the yolk sac. But within next few weeks the baby shows tremendous growth as the head becomes discernible and heart begins to beat.

The mother will definitely feel the changes. In addition, she may feel quite different about her own self as the body starts preparing to shelter and nourish the growing baby.

Changes in the baby

From the lump that was embedded in the uterus, the baby changes into a human shape during the progress of the second month. After the 8 weeks of pregnancy, the baby will now be referred to as fetus instead of embryo.

  • The cranial position of the baby becomes identifiable
  • Major organs like liver, stomach, lungs and brain begin to form
  • Heartbeat becomes audible and can be seen on ultrasound
  • Tiny limbs begin to form from the buds on the torso
  • Sense organs begin to take shape
  • Baby starts performing small spontaneous movements
  • Intestines protrude slightly into the umbilical cord

Changes in the mom to be

By the time the mother enters the 6th week of pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy become prominent making her aware of the changes occurring within her body. The adjustments of her own body are in no way a pleasant experience for the pregnant woman.

  • Morning sickness can occur anytime of the day, and can also continue throughout the day in some extreme cases. It can be triggered by any odor of perfume, oil, food, etc.
  • Heartburn, indigestion, constipation, backache, headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, etc. are normal during this month.
  • You are more prone to weight gain, especially around the waistline.
  • You will experience discomfort in the breasts due to enlargement.
  • You will feel the urge for frequent urination.
  • Skin problems like melasma, acne and change in complexion are likely to occur.
  • Emotional outbursts and disturbed sleep are among the additional issues you’ll have to put up.

Tips for the 2nd month

The mother should realize that a little human being growing inside her womb, who is at the crucial stage of development, is very tiny and vulnerable to trauma. At this stage when all the vital organs are forming inside the baby, anything a mother ingests will directly affect the growing baby.

  • Avoid exposure to smoke caused by cigarettes or fire as the toxins in the smoke are dangerous for the baby.
  • Refrain from anti-inflammatory drugs such as Motrin or Aleve, as they can have a toxic effect on kidneys of the baby.
  • Consult physician if you show strong signs of depression, as many anti-depressant medications are considered to be safe during pregnancy, but only under authorized prescription.
  • Do not ignore bleeding; it could be a sign of miscarriage.
  • As bad habits can have direct adverse effect on the growth, development and health of the baby, this is the best time to give them up.