Your body is doing a lot of interesting things right now – not only is it nurturing and nourishing a new life, it is also probably more sensitive than ever before. Your sense of taste and smell may have changed for instance and may have become more acute. This is the point in a woman’s pregnancy when she is most likely to be told that she is ‘glowing’. Many women enjoy glowing skin and thick, glossy hair during pregnancy. However, others tend to suffer skin problems and hair fall during this time. The good (or bad) news is that things will return to an even keel after the baby’s arrival.

Changes in the baby

Baby’s is in a bit of a growth spurt right now and is exploring the inner environment of the womb. Clutching at the umbilical cord, hiccupping, waving and jerking around are just some of the things that baby is doing to keep occupied.

  • Toe and fingernails are starting to form about now.
  • The sex of the baby may be quite easy for the ultrasound technician to spot right now. So if you want to be surprised at the end of 9 months, make this clear when you undergo the ultrasound.
  • Baby’s really skinny right now, but will soon start to lay down fat stores that will help regulate body temperature after birth.

Changes in the mom to be

For women who have already been through previous pregnancies, it may be possible to discern fetal movements as early as the 16thweek. However, for first time mothers, the first movement may be discerned only at about 20 weeks.

  • By this time most women will notice fuller breasts as well as larger, darker nipples and aureole. Some women may also start to leak some colostrum in preparation for breast feeding later.
  • Your shape is changing quite rapidly; try to embrace the newer, fuller you.

Tips for the 16th Week

As you inch towards the halfway mark of your pregnancy, you should take care of your health so that you’re providing the best possible prenatal environment for your baby.

  • Make sure you’re getting enough iron and calcium and ask your healthcare provider if you need supplements or a change in dosage.
  • If you’re buying maternity wear, buy a few smart separates that you can mix and match – a few good quality pants and skirts that you can team with several different tops. And don’t forget to invest in good quality innerwear that will offer support and comfort.