This time of your pregnancy marks the start of the second trimester, which many women describe as the best part of pregnancy. While you’re not so big that you feel uncomfortable or unwieldy, you have gotten over the nausea and are starting to get over the tiredness and regaining your energy. Much of the danger of miscarriage is now past and your pregnancy is well established.

This is the time that many women choose to take on projects such as decoration of the nursery and/or shopping for baby and so on. Many women also find that they start to enjoy sexual intercourse once again now during the second trimester.

Changes in the baby

Important changes are still constantly ongoing with baby. The body is now growing faster than the head and is becoming more proportionate and the internal organs are developing apace.

  • The baby’s liver is making bile now, a very important activity.
  • Baby’s size is about 3 to 4 inches by now.
  • The baby is able to move not only the arms but also fingers now and may grasp and even suck their thumb!
  • The baby is now growing the fine protective hair layer called lanugo that will disappear before birth.

Changes in the mom to be

You can probably feel the top of your uterus emerging from your pelvis now and the tummy will be quite obvious at least to you. You are probably feeling more comfortable now and the worst discomforts of early pregnancy are probably behind you.

  • There is probably less need to keep rushing to the bathroom now.
  • Various aches and pains may start to manifest as the uterus expands and takes up more space within the abdomen and because of the hormonal changes that soften joints and ligaments at this time.
  • As the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, you may find yourself more prone to coughs, colds and other common ailments.

Tips for the 14th Week

You may be full of vim and vigor now, but remember not to overdo it. It can be easy to injure yourself when your ligaments are softer due to the hormonal changes.

  • Think of starting a prenatal exercise class at this time to remain limber and fit.
  • Think about whether you want to find out the sex of your child now or later. Would you like to know now so you can prepare an older child, pick out the nursery color and get cracking on the baby names? Or would you prefer to have a surprise at the end of nine months?