You are nearly at the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy which means that most of the really critical development of the child is already over. There is a theory that women are most nauseous during the first few months because it is at this time that things are most likely to go wrong and the time when a pregnant woman needs to be most careful. So this is nature’s way of seeing that women don’t consume anything toxic or at least bring it up if it is likely to cause harm.

So if you’re nauseous during pregnancy, don’t worry; this probably means that all is well with your baby and your pregnancy. Research shows that women who have morning sickness are less likely to suffer a miscarriage or other pregnancy complications.

Changes in the baby

As baby’s vital organs are formed and functioning by now, the chances of any defects or malformations have decreased. The baby is less susceptible to damage caused by external factors.

  • The eyes and ears are now in their proper place and the chin and nose are forming.
  • Baby may start to practice swallowing all the amniotic fluid that he or she is floating in.
  • The baby is over 2 inches long and weighs around ½ an ounce, has doubled his or her weight since just two weeks ago.

Changes in the mom to be

Itching can be quite a problem for pregnant women. The pregnancy hormones may make the skin drier and the stretching of the skin, particularly the abdominal skin, could mean a lot of itching.

  • Some women develop itchy palms and soles and also find that these areas turn reddish.
  • You may find that loose clothing is a lot more comfortable right now even if you don’t need to rush out and buy maternity clothing just yet.
  • Rather than overall weight gain, most women will find that their waistlines have expanded by this time.

Tips for the 12th Week

If you’re feeling tired and nauseous and just plain awful, you will soon feel much better as your first trimester ends.

  • Calamine can help control and soothe any itching that you experience.
  • If you find it difficult to sleep properly, get yourself a pregnancy pillow. This will support you and make you more comfortable.
  • To help yourself feel better, consider getting a haircut or some pampering at a spa. But remember to avoid hot tubs and inform them that you’re pregnant, so any toxins or harmful procedures can be avoided.