By this time of pregnancy, your baby is starting to assume a more human appearance and the mommy to be is also probably starting to feel somewhat better. But even if you’re still feeling uncomfortable and down, don’t worry, that is normal too. Your body is still coming to terms with some pretty drastic changes; so this is only natural.

Changes in the baby

The head is still the largest part of the baby, but the more and more of the body’s parts are getting defined. Even the little fingers and toes are looking more human now as the frog like webbing is a thing of the past.

  • The nose and nasal passages are forming, as is the tongue, mouth, palate, etc.
  • The primitive ‘tail’ is now gone.
  • Ovaries are developing during this week.
  • The hair follicles will form around this time.
  • Many of the baby’s internal systems are starting to function on their own – the brain, lungs, intestines, etc. are beginning to function on their own.
  • At this stage, some external genitalia are visible, but it may still be difficult or even impossible to tell whether it’s a girl or a boy just yet.

Changes in the mom to be

You may still be seesawing between cravings and aversions at this stage. Most pregnant women start to gain weight about now onwards. If you are either still losing weight or gaining it very quickly, speak to your doctor.

  • You could be feeling hungrier and the nausea may be more in control.
  • You may still have to visit the bathroom rather more often than usual.
  • Morning sickness may still be troublesome, though some women get over it by this time.
  • You may be suffering from headaches and some women even find that they salivate excessively.

Tips for the 11th Week

Some women may not feel their clothes getting tight just yet, but some women may start to feel that their jeans are rather too snug by now.

  • Keep eating healthy, and have frequent snacks to keep up your energy levels. This will also help reduce any dizzy or fainting feelings you have and help maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Remember that it is important to keep weight gain down to the required level. Excessive weight gain can create pregnancy problems and will make weight loss more difficult later.