When we speak of being 1 week pregnant, this refers to the time before conception actually takes place. The first week of pregnancy refers to the week starting from a woman’s last monthly period (LMP) before she conceives.

So what are the known as the couple of weeks of pregnancy are actually nomenclature used to standardize pregnancy calculations and to predict the estimated date of delivery (EDD). This is because the actual date of conception can be difficult to pinpoint whereas the LMP is a known date.

Changes in the baby

At one week pregnancy conception rarely would have occurred; in a vast majority of cases, baby is still just a twinkle in the eye.

  • Conception, which occurs when the female egg and the male sperm meet, is dependent upon ovulation and upon the timing of sexual intercourse.
  • If a woman ovulates very early in her menstrual cycle (immediately or soon after her period) she may get pregnant earlier too, so long as intercourse coincides with ovulation.
  • However with most women, the body has just shed the uterine lining through menstrual bleeding and the body is once again preparing to release an egg and prepare the uterus to receive a fertilized egg.

Changes in the mom to be

As for the mommy to be, the 1st week of pregnancy will likely feel no different from all the other weeks hitherto, because the actual pregnancy symptoms will start to appear only some weeks later. If you have decided to get pregnant and are actively trying to conceive, you should:

  • Try and get as healthy as you can. Get active, eat healthy and give up any bad habits such as smoking, prescription pill or drug abuse, etc. Actively try to reduce stress because it can actually hamper fertility.
  • Get to a healthy weight before you get pregnant. Being overweight and underweight can both lead to pregnancy complications. Being a healthy weight can also mean that your weight gain during the pregnancy doesn’t have to be restricted and that you will not find it difficult to lose weight post pregnancy. So, make sure that your weight is as close to the normal ranges as possible.

Tips for the 1st week

Doctors advise the following for week 1 of your pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy and to deliver a healthy baby:

  • Start a folic acid supplement as soon as you decide to try to get pregnant.
  • Schedule an appointment with the doctor for a preconception visit so the doctor can make sure everything is OK and suggest any special measures that may be required.