Sex During Pregnancy – Myths, Facts and Advice

Sex during pregnancy has been a controversial issue, and the debate has been going on for a long time. The question whether sex is safe during pregnancy crops up in the minds of the male partners more often than in the minds of the moms-to-be.

The husband has to respect the feelings of his wife; more so when she is pregnant. The mom to be is going through hormonal fluctuations, tiredness, morning sickness and other bodily changes which may diminish her desire to have sex.

In normal pregnancy, sex is not harmful either for the mother or the baby, if proper precautions are taken. Debunking the myths of sex during pregnancy is important, given the importance of sex in a happy and long lasting marriage.



Sex during pregnancy can harm the baby.

Fact: The baby is completely protected by both the uterine muscles and the amniotic sac, in addition to thick mucus acting as a plug to seal the cervix. As the body of the mother has not changed much during the early periods of pregnancy, it is safe for sex if both the partners are feeling like doing it.

Advice: It is best to protect oneself against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Chlamydia, herpes and genital warts during pregnancy, since there are high chances that the disease may get transmitted to the unborn baby. Using condom during sex would help a great deal.


Orgasm during pregnancy can induce labor.

Fact: In case of normal pregnancy, where the mother does not run any risk of miscarriage or pre-term birth, contractions from orgasms will not induce labor. The contractions of orgasm are completely different from the uterine contractions of labor that open up the cervix.

Advice: Going easy with the orgasm and sex during pregnancy is best. The trick is not to overdo anything. Avoid sex if there is high risk of pre-term labor, since semen is known to contain substances that can make the uterus contract.


Sex makes the baby feel uncomfortable in the womb.

Fact: The baby is in its protective shell and is quite unaware of what is happening. Most of the women feel the baby thrashing around and moving about more after they experience orgasm, which leads them to believe that the baby is uncomfortable. This is just the baby’s excited reaction to the increased heart beat of the mom, and is not related to sex.

Advice: A healthy sexual life may actually reduce stress, making the baby more comfortable and relaxed. So, it is not advisable to make assumptions and be under stress.


Oral sex during pregnancy is harmful to the baby.

Fact: This has been one of the most circulated misconceptions about sex during pregnancy. Oral sex becomes a good substitute for standard sex, especially during the later stages of pregnancy when the mom to be has gained weight and the bump is too big.

Advice: Though oral sex is safe during pregnancy, precautions should be taken not to blow air into the vagina, since the resulting air embolism can prove to be fatal for the baby.