The 9 month journey of pregnancy begins with the marvelous discovery of being pregnant. The emotions are like a kaleidoscope – it can be exhilarating, exciting, scary and downright inexplicable all at once, when you discover there is budding life taking shape right inside you. The emotions are not only about pregnancy, but also about being ready for parenting, because being parent can be very demanding, especially for the first time parents.

The date of pregnancy is registered from the day of Last Normal Menstrual Period (LNMP), which is way before the actual conception takes place. A woman can conceive only a few days before and after she ovulates. Most often the ovulation happens during mid cycle of the menstruation cycle, but it can vary between different people.

1 Month Pregnant

The excitement about the pregnancy often begins with a missing period, by which time the blastocyst could well be in the second week of development after being fertilized. In a normal pregnancy, the blastocyst will be well settled in the uterine, while being nourished by its wall by the end of the first month of pregnancy. The mom-to-be starts to feel the effects of morning sickness…

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2 Months Pregnant

By now the pregnancy is confirmed and the mother starts being aware of the life growing inside her. The toughest part to handle during this period is the onset of morning sickness and other physical disturbances caused by hormonal changes taking place.

The embryo measures an inch in length. The brain and spinal cord are almost complete, whereas buds in place of limbs and primitive structure of other organs begin to form.

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3 Months Pregnant

The baby begins journey of the third month by developing vital organs needed for the function of the body. This is the time when the mother sees some visible changes in her body. Emotionally she begins to worry about the health of her baby. The facial features of the fetus improve as eyes drift slowly to the center of the face.

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4 Months Pregnant

The mom-to-be can heave a sigh of relief now, as the severity of morning sickness dies down. It’s time to find proper maternity clothing, since the bodily changes will soon become visible. The increasing weight in the breasts may require some extra support by a well designed maternity bra.

The baby continuous to grow demanding more nutrition. Sex determination is possible now.

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5 Months Pregnant

The mother will feel more energetic during this month, though she may require frequent rest during day. The baby grows at a rapid pace gaining weight and height. No new organ structures are forming in the baby, except for the development of pads of the fingers and toes.

This is the most appropriate time to undergo Cordocentesis test, to confirm there is no presence of chromosomal abnormalities or any other specific prenatal problem in the baby. The test is done by withdrawing the fetal blood from umbilical vein which is not possible before 18 weeks of pregnancy. If done much later, it could be too late to make appropriate decisions.

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6 Months Pregnant

The baby has a wrinkled appearance though there is accumulation of fat under the skin. The movements of the baby are very vigorous. It also begins to respond to sound, and opens eyes during this period.

The monotony of the checkups becomes boring for the mother – as every time the blood pressure is checked, urine sample is taken, the baby’s heart rate and growth is measured, and so on. But she has to remember that these checkups will go a long way in the prevention or treatment of complications that may arise all of a sudden.

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7 Months Pregnant

The wild kicks of the baby slow down as the uterus becomes crowded for free movement in the 7th month. It will start sensing the surrounding environment of the uterus hearing the mother’s heartbeat, digestive system and also voices outside the womb, similar to what a person would hear under water.

The mom-to-be has tough time maintaining balance due to weight gain and changing shape of the body. In addition, her body will release Relaxin in preparation for childbirth that makes the joints feel loose.

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8 Months Pregnant

By this time the baby is fully formed and changes into head down position, getting ready for birth. The mother’s naval will almost disappear, and there appears a dark line, called the linea nigra, running down her abdomen. Sleep and rest become difficult because of the size and activity of the baby. The baby has 80% chance of survival under proper medical care if born at this stage.

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9 Months Pregnant

By now the mother is psychologically prepared to go into labor, and also anxious to hold her baby in arms. No sign of labor should be ignored and brought to the notice of the consulting doctor immediately.

The baby by now will have accumulated enough fats to regulate its body temperature. The lungs are ready to sustain breathing on their own. The immune system is formed to fight infections that may occur after childbirth. It is time now to wait for the big day.

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