If you’re feeling apprehensive about what lies ahead, this could be making you somewhat irritable and preoccupied. You may be losing your temper more frequently and may not be paying as much attention to your partner. If so, try and speak to your partner about your feelings and also explain why you are feeling the way you do.

Also express your thoughts and feelings by journaling. Keeping a diary or a private blog will help you sort out some of your emotions and come to terms with them. A diary is also something that you can read later to recall the amazing and not so amazing moments of your pregnancy.

Changes in the baby

Baby is now practicing all the important jobs she will be called on to perform after she is born – breathing, sucking and swallowing and occasional hiccupping too (which you may be able to feel).

  • In baby’s intestines, a blackish green, sticky substance is beginning to form in preparation for the first bowel movement called meconium.
  • By now baby is in the head down position. If not, you doctor may perform a few external manipulations to try and get her in the head down position. This is known as an external cephalic version.

Changes in the mom to be

You probably cannot eat a full meal now that your stomach is crowded into that small little space because of the expanded uterus.

  • You may find that you’re able to eat only small meals and a lot of things seem to cause heartburn and even nausea.
  • The practice contractions (Braxton Hicks) may be more frequent now and more clearly palpable; even painful.
  • After sex or a pelvic exam by the doctor, discharge could become tinged with blood. This could mean that the cervix is preparing for the birth as well and is rather more sensitive now.

Tips for the 36th Week

Your stretched skin, particularly the abdomen may be soothed by applying moisturizer and gentle stroking.

  • If you want to keep fit and active but find that your big belly rather limits your options, exercise using an exercise ball could be a good option for you – it is safe and helps condition the core muscles that will be important during labor and delivery.
  • Try to avoid travel during the last month of your pregnancy. You should assume that labor could start at any moment now.
  • If there is any unusual discharge – watery, bloody, smelly or discolored, you should contact your doctor at once.