The concept of the “Babymoon” has caught on quite a bit in recent times. This is a kind of second honeymoon for a couple to take a holiday and share some quality time with each other. This could be valuable ‘us’ time before the arrival of the baby and a host of new responsibilities. The couple gets a chance to be intimate and romantic together which may be difficult, if not impossible, after the baby arrives.

Many travel agencies and service providers provide trips tailored specially for the to-be-parents. The destinations often offer special services like prenatal massage. According to some experts, men are able to transition better to fatherhood when they have had a chance to bond with their pregnant partner.

Changes in the baby

Your baby can hear so much now – your heart beat, the sounds of your digestion, and your entire internal goings-on as well as a lot of what is going on outside. In fact your baby is already used to quite a bit of noise around; so there is no need to tiptoe around a sleeping newborn.

  • Some moms may feel rhythmic movements now – that could be the baby hiccupping.
  • Fetal movements may be about 10 an hour during the active periods. You may find that baby is more active after you’ve eaten or drunk something.
  • Baby is likely to be in the head down position by now.

Changes in the mom to be

As you near the end of your second trimester, you may start to experience some of the bothersome symptoms of later pregnancy.

  • Leg cramps are a frequent problem during the later pregnancy months.
  • As the abdomen muscles and ligaments stretch to accommodate your growing baby, aches and pains in the abdominal area can become more of a problem.
  • Some women may also have started to experience practice contractions (Braxton Hicks contractions) which help prepare the body for actual labor.

Tips for the 27th Week

You will find that the end of the second trimester and start of the third trimester could bring new discomforts to get around.

  • Learn stretches to help when you get a cramp. Doing calf stretches will help ease lower limb cramping. Prenatal yoga may also help.
  • Try to take things easy and get as much rest as you need. You will find that you need to conserve your resources for the final leg of your pregnancy.