Now may be a good time to take stock of your financial affairs, speak to your employer about maternity leave and so on if you haven’t already done so. Remember, birthing and delivery can cost money, particularly if there are any complications or medical problems.

Make sure you have the financial provisions to provide for such eventualities – have your health insurance details up to date, get an idea about your savings and liquidity, etc. If you work outside the home, find out how much maternity leave you’re entitled to by law, and if you can club this with other accumulated leave.

Give thought not only to when you propose to return to work but also to the sort of childcare arrangement you propose to have.

Changes in the baby

Baby is fully formed now but there is still a lot of growing and maturing to do. The body’s systems are all in place but are maturing so that they can function on their own. The lungs are maturing, the brain is developing and this time in the womb is very important for baby’s wellbeing and health later on.

  • Baby’s eyes open about the 26th week and he or she will be able to sense light and dark, and even be able to move the neck.
  • Baby’s movements are clearly felt now and will soon become even more vigorous; even painful at times.
  • Baby is nearing the 2 pound mark by now.

Changes in the mom to be

You could be rather emotional right now. You may feel things rather more keenly – you may be ecstatic one day and down in the dumps the next. You may also be feeling anxious about the labor and the delivery as well as the responsibilities of motherhood to come.

  • Among the other pregnancy symptoms could be vision changes. The eyes may feel dry and irritated.
  • As you grow bigger, you may find your usual grace replaced with clumsiness. It is your altered sense of gravity that is responsible.

Tips for the 26th Week

Women find that sleep, particularly uninterrupted sleep, becomes a problem about now. Baby’s activities and the growing belly make it difficult to rest.

  • Think of learning relaxation techniques to help you sleep.
  • Prenatal yoga is gentle exercise that helps prepare you for childbirth and also helps you relax.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water as baby’s amniotic fluid is constantly recycled and you need more water now. It will also help counter constipation.