The early pregnancy symptoms could be easing up for some women when 10 weeks pregnant, while for some women the nausea could continue well beyond the second trimester. And the emotional up and down – elated one moment and down in the dumps the next – could still be going on, and you may find yourself weeping at the slightest excuse.

Remember you’re only ten weeks pregnant yet and still have three fourths of the way to go, with many new experiences and some more discomforts!

Changes in the baby

By the tenth week of pregnancy the baby is a miniature person, with elbow and knees that move! Even the teeth buds are in place and the baby is making male or female hormones as well.

  • Baby’s digestive system is making digestive juices and is even producing urine.
  • The hands and feet are forming though the fingers and toes are still webbed.

Changes in the mom to be

The 10th week of pregnancy or thereabouts could bring several rather unwelcome pregnancy changes and symptoms:

  • Constipation could be one of the problems. Combat this by getting lots of fiber in your diet, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly.
  • Flatulence, noisy and smelly, could be another unwelcome problem. Eating smaller meals and avoiding certain foods can help; else speak to your doctor.
  • Bloating can be another problem that pregnant women may have to deal with.
  • It is again the hormones due to which you almost seem to be drooling these days. Excessive saliva is something else that some pregnant women have to deal with.
  • Indigestion and heartburn are also common problems with the slowing down of the digestive system.
  • Many pregnant women also get headaches and have stuffy noses during their pregnancy.
  • As the volume of blood circulating in the body increases, the veins become more visible.

Tips for the 10th week

Now that you’re near the end of week 10, you may want to start thinking in terms of telling your boss about when you plan to take leave. You may also think about making an announcement to your friends and family if you haven’t done so already.

  • Swollen and bleeding gums could be a problem, and maintaining good oral health is important during pregnancy.
  • Schedule an appointment with the dentist around this time to ensure that your teeth remain as healthy as possible.